Weekly Dinner Menu

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Monday – Salmon, hummus and goat cheese salad

Tuesday – The Habit – Dine out Fundraiser

Wednesday- Tuscan Baked Chicken and Beans (October Cooking Light Magazine)

Thursday- Celebrating my brother’s Birthday

Friday- TBD

Saturday- TBD

Sunday- TBD

So an easy cooking week for me.  We have a fundraiser on Tuesday for Sofia’s preschool.  Thursday we go to my brother’s house for pasta and salad.  Then the weekend is up in the air because we are waiting to hear if the grapes are ready for harvest which would mean Bobby will be away for the weekend and we might have eggs for dinner.  We also have tickets to the Dodger game on Saturday night.  So who knows what we will be enjoying.

The extremely hot weather makes me not want to turn on the stove or the oven.  So I thought I would start the week with a salad and go from there.  Hoping for the best of course.


Weekly Dinner Menu

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After 2, 3 day school weeks, this is the first week that the kids will be on a regular 5 day schedule.  I am looking forward to a normal schedule.  Here’s our menu for the week:

Monday: Chef’s salad for me, BLT for the kids

Tuesday: Baked Macaroni and cheese with tomatoes (back to school night and this is an easy dish to make ahead)

Wednesday: Blackened fish taco salad

Thursday: Slow roasted carnitas tacos, rice, guacamole and salsa, of course

Friday:  Pizza  – ham and pineapple, pepperoni

Saturday: celebrating Yom Kippur with friends (this will be our first time and we are hoping there is some kugel involved)

Sunday: Eat out

Pasta fagioli

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I was looking for a recipe that would create a tomato based soup with cannellini beans and pasta.  I found it on Skinny Taste.com and wanted to try it out.

It was really good.  I loved the creaminess of the soup that you get when you puree the beans and then add it to the vegetables.  It helped to disguise it a bit when I served it to my picky eater.  I think he just thought it was pasta soup.  I accompanied it with grilled cheese for the kids and turkey and cheese paninis for us.  The cooler weather made this the perfect dish for dinner.


Pesto and cheese toast

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After writing my post about  our italian food I got the biggest craving for pesto (and prosciutto but that is another post).  So on my next shopping trip I picked some up.  I do have basil at home and could have made my own but I wasn’t in the mood to wait, so jarred it is.

Another easy but tasty treat.  I also found sliced italian bread from La Brea Bakery, score.  Spread just a little spoonful of pesto and sprinkle on the shredded mozzarella. And because I am impatient I decided to broil it and get that toastiness on the cheese.  I fought the urge to have two of these and instead decided to pair it with a salad of greens, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, feta cheese and candied walnuts along with a bit of olive oil and balsamic.  Perfect for lunch.

Weekly Dinner Menu

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Monday – Dining out (We are painting all day so no cooking for me)

Tuesday – Chicken, apple and goat cheese salad

Wednesday – Prosciutto Roasted bass with Autumn Vegetables (Barefoot Contessa, Back to Basics)

Thursday – Turkey Paninis and Cannellini soup

Friday –Quick Ricotta Gnocchi with tomato sauce

Another short school week but I think we will be able to stay with this menu.  Last week my menu went smoothly.  And at dinner on Friday I had Roy’s Butterfish with Sizzling Soy Sauce. I quickly searched for, and found, the recipe and am hoping to test it out this coming weekend.

Simply Italian

September 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

One year ago my husband and I were celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary in Tuscany.  What I remember the most, besides being with my hubby of course, was the AMAZING food.  Really amazing food.  Starting with breakfast.

A grilled piece of bread, a spoonful of pesto sauce and a fried egg on top.  I would never fry my egg in olive oil at home.  I use cooking spray to save on calories.  But let me tell you, the oil makes for a crispy edge.  The pesto sauce that we bought at the grocery store was a simple and tasty addition.

Then there was the chocolate filled croissants from dinner the previous night.  They came to our table straight from the oven at 1 am.  There is nothing like a fresh and flaky croissant, except for one filled with chocolate.


Seriously.  This sandwich was on whole grain bread, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato and olive oil.  And I wasn’t able to get a picture of the fagioli soup.  Tomato base with lots of cannellini beans and garlic and a crisp glass of white wine. Perfect.

What made this salad so special was the corn and tomato combination.  Fresh and simple.  And when the server took my order, she didn’t offer me a list of dressing choices.  In fact there was no choice.  She just brought me a carafe of balsamic vinegar and one of olive oil.  Who wants to cover up this flavor with creamy ranch dressing?

Ahh, prosciutto.  Salty, creamy just perfect for this opened faced sandwich or any sandwich for that matter.


Ok here is where I confess that I am a pizza snob.  Wait let me rephrase that, I am particular about the kind of pizza I like.  Pretty simple really.  Thin crust, tomato sauce – no sugar, mozzarella cheese.  I found so many pizzas that met this criteria.  But this one was by far the best.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture and I am not a huge fan of sausage.  But the memory of this pizza lingers on.


So many unbelievable dinners.  The time we went to the seafood restaurant in Livorno and sat with the chef and talked politics.  We had a whole fish cooked with chopped vegetables and potatoes.  Then there was the steak from the restaurant in town.  My husband and I have stayed away from red meat for almost two years but I had to try this dish when it came out.  There was the manta ray and squid too, maybe something I don’t really want to remember.

But the ones that I do want to remember are the most delicate gnocchis in a 3 cheese sauce.  They were little pillows of potato that melted in your mouth.

The Volcano salad with ham, carmelized onion and dijon mustard.  Salty, sweet and tangy.  Yumm. Oh and there are more gnocchis too.

And the tuna with crispy leeks.  I don’t really remember the taste of the tuna but I dream about those crispy leeks.  Divine.


A peach tart.  Enough said.

And of course gelato.  I stuck with the hazelnut but Bobby tried some interesting flavors.  We even did a taste test of two places in one day.  Although we are enjoying trying out the gelato places that are popping up around us, nothing compares to the original.


In little white cups. With hearts in the foam.  Just a smidge of sugar.  It’s funny that we would have a cup after almost every meal.  And here at home I’ve had maybe one cappuccino all year.  It must be the atmosphere.  I even enjoyed the thick, strong coffee we would make back at the house we were staying in.

So for this coming week, and in celebration of our anniversary, I will be adding of few of these recipes into my menu.  I want to bring back the simple flavors and remember those things that we loved.  I’ll be sharing my recipes here.  Till then.


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