This week’s menu

January 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Getting back into a more normal schedule for us as the kids head back to school.  I also want to cut back our calories by alot to try and lose some of this holiday weight.  So this is the plan for the week:

Sunday: leftovers. whole wheat pasta, turkey meatballs and homemade sauce. (Haven’t been to the store yet so this will have to do.)

Monday: chicken soup. I’ll share the recipe on Wednesday.

Tuesday: salmon, goat cheese and hummus salad

Wednesday: chicken tostadas (using leftover chicken from Monday)

Thursday: BBQ pork sandwiches with WW apple and carrot slaw

Friday: Homemade pizza; pepperoni and ??

Saturday: eat out or leftover pizza

Planning to do a major clean out of the kitchen this week.  Lots of junk food to get rid of and I need to go back to the things that work for me.  Also lots of healthy snacks for the kids.  I think I’ll bake something to have when they get home from school, some kind of apple cake.  Looking forward to the first week of the new year.


I love food

January 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s as simple as that.  I love everything about cuisine.  I love food.  I love eating.  I love cooking.  I love pictures of food.  I can sit and read cookbooks for hours.  I even like going to the grocery store.  Yes, my mom is a fabulous cook.  Yes, my grandmothers spent all day in the kitchen and made everything from scratch.  Yes, I had an easy bake oven as a kid.  I just love food.

So I’m thinking about what I love and what I want to write about and spend time with and the natural answer is food.  So here I am starting a blog that will mix what I know with what I love and my pictures.

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